Letter to Freshmen

Blog post by Arianna Smith

Images fully released. Model releases are on file in Academic Enterprise Communications. A group of students pose for a photo of pure excitement. Taken during Sun Devil Welcome at Sun Devil Stadium on Tempe campus on August 16, 2022. Photography by Enrique Lopez

Dear First-Year SHPRS Students,

Hello! My name is Arianna. I am a junior majoring in history and political science. I work here at the School of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies. Welcome to Arizona State University! Starting college is a big deal, so CONGRATULATIONS!

Now that you’re all moved in and have tried that yummy dining hall pizza, you might be wondering: How do I make friends? Who can help me with a paper? Where can I talk to someone about stress? Well, I’m here to give you a few friendly tips that can help you thrive as a student.

1) Build a community by talking to people in your dorm. Maybe say hi in the elevator, talk to people in your lounge, or ask what dining hall serves the best pizza. 

    2) Research clubs and attend a meeting. Sun Devil Sync is a website that shows every single club ASU has to offer. Political History and Leadership, Philosophy Club, and Sun Devil Student Historical Society are just a few of the clubs here at SHPRS. 

    3) Go to events! ASU has events going on all the time! Some of my favorites are Devilpalooza, vintage popup shops outside of the MU, and attending a lecture hosted by Ibram X. Kendi. 

    4) Use a planner or calendar. Professors will often give you every assignment for their class on the first day. Most professors will remind you of big assignments coming up, but it is always a good idea to mark them in a calendar or planner so you can plan for them.

    5) Attend office hours. Not only do you get time with your professors to get extra help, but you are able to make a professional connection with your professors. These connections will come in handy if you need a letter of recommendation or might help you get a job. 

    6) If you need help with writing, I recommend the SHPRS Writing Studio. The Writing Studio is a great resource that can help you plan a paper, refine your writing, or revise a paper.

    7) Apply for scholarships. It is always a good idea to apply for scholarships, even if you have already started college. You never know how much money you might get.

    8) Use ASU’s ​​Health and Mental Health resources. ASU Health and ASU Mental Health have a wide array of services they provide to all ASU students so all Sun Devils can feel their best.

    I hope these tips are helpful and you have an amazing year!  

    Your friend, 


    Palm Walk is a popular corridor among students, faculty, staff and university visitors alike. Palm Walk is the most photographed site on the Tempe campus, and extends from the University Bridge on the north to the Sun Devil Fitness Complex on the south. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palm_Walk) ASU student models include : Urvashi Manral (FY19 Graduate Student, Communication Studies), Julia Fields (FY19 Junior, English Literature), YY (Yung Yung) Luk (FY19 Sophmore, Business Law)


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