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  • HistoryPhilosophyReligious Studies

    May 8, 2024

    From Sacrifice to Snack

    In ancient Peruvian culture, even the dead ate peanuts. Originating from the peaks of the Andes mountains, peanuts are not nuts at all but legumes and are more closely related to beans than cashews. For approximately 7,500 years, peanuts survived as a popular staple in humanity’s diet, and, in ancient times, religious rituals offered peanuts as sacrifices to the gods.

  • HistoryPhilosophyReligious Studies

    April 24, 2024

    Journeying from Stable to Superfood: Quinoa

    The plate of a Peruvian kitchen and the salad bowl of a health enthusiast in the U.S. share a key ingredient: quinoa. Quinoa hailed historically from the highlands of Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Chile. The indigenous people of the Andes enjoyed this grain in their cuisine throughout the year as quinoa survives cold weather [1].

  • History

    April 12, 2024

    High School History Club Speaks with Dr. Noam Chomsky

    Jonathan Grybos is a high school social studies teacher from Pennsylvania. He dedicates his classroom and time to a history club. This is no ordinary history club, however. Grybos has been able to cultivate several guest speakers for his club, including Dr.

  • HistoryPhilosophyReligious Studies

    April 10, 2024

    Anticuchos: The Heart of Peruvian Cuisine 

    Culture, regional pride, and culinary choices are deeply connected, and a given dish can tell us a lot about the history of any region and culture. Just as pizza, barbecue, and frybread connects New Yorkers, Chicagoans, various Southern states, and Native Americans to their culture and their history, respectively, the anticucho serves the same purpose for Peruvians.

  • History

    April 3, 2024

    Student Historical Association Begins its Second Semester

     Do you love history? Are you thinking about joining a club? Well, we have the perfect one for you! The Student Historical Association (SHA) is a club where lovers of history can come together to listen to guest speakers and talk about their favorite historical topics.

  • HistoryPhilosophyReligious Studies

    January 31, 2024

    Good as Gold: Advice from Alumna Jessica Lawson

    Jessica Lawson is a veteran and a historian for the 944th Fighter Wing at Luke Air Force Base. She graduated from SHPRS with her bachelor’s in history and a minor in religious studies. We asked her about her time here at ASU and why she chose Public History.