Good as Gold: Advice from Alumna Jennifer Schaper

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Good as Gold: Advice from Alumna Jennifer Schaper

Jennifer Schaper recently graduated with her master’s in history. She currently works as a digital curation executive at Ovation Data. We asked her a few questions about her time here at ASU and how she utilizes the skills she learned while at SHPRS.

Interning as a Humanities Student

Last year philosophy major Christina Soriano interned at Dorn Policy Group. Christina was eager to dip her toes into a new field, but couldn’t find any internships in Arizona.

“I eventually stumbled upon an article Dorn Policy Group had released about what their interns did from a few years ago, in that article it had stated that if you wanted to intern with them just send an email through their website of why you think you would be a good fit, so I did,” she said.

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10 things to know about the Undergraduate Research Experience

Blog post by Hailee Nance

Published September 29, 2023 HistoryPhilosophyReligious Studies Activities Undergraduate Research Experience Faculty Erin Craft Students Lily Crigler

Lily Crigler is an undergraduate history major who worked on the public history Undergraduate Research Experience last spring. We asked her a few questions about her time in the program, and here and 10 things you should know.

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Undergraduate Philosophy Club Starts Another Semester

Blog post by Hailee Nance

Looking for a cozy club to have important discussions? On Tuesdays Jacqueline Schisler, a philosophy, neuroscience, and religious studies major, along with other members of the Undergraduate Philosophy Club come together (with snacks!) to participate in philosophical conversation.

Digital Projects Showcase: Mapping Murder

Blog post by Monica Boyd, PhD, Humanities Lab

During the nineteenth century, an increasing number of cases were reported in Britain in which the murdered victim was decapitated and dismembered. I’ve identified nineteen through searching through multiple historical newspaper databases. Of those nineteen, sixteen were women or young girls, ranging in age from 7 to 55.

History in the Wild podcast: Mythological Monster Mash

Blog post and podcast by Rachel Welshans

Hi! My name is Rachel Welshans and I’m finishing up my senior year of my history undergrad degree. I signed up for HST 485: History in the Wild with Professor Marissa Rhodes because I saw that the goal of the class was to learn how to present historical information in a podcast format.

History in the Wild podcast: The Divided States of America

Blog post and podcast by Corinthia Davis

Hello everyone! My name is Corinthia Davis and my pronouns are she/her. I am a History major, with a minor in Political Science. After serving in the Air Force a few years, I decided to get out and pursue my bachelor’s online.

Lincoln Center Research Initiatives

Blog post by Erica O’Neil

The Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics engages digital and humanities methodologies to explore and critique topics surrounding emerging technology and responsible innovation. Our faculty and staff exemplify the interdisciplinary vision of ASU, and are united in their commitment to applying ethics within and beyond the university through methods of co-creation and participatory research.

Digital Projects Showcase: Digital Zibaldone

Blog post by: Silvia Stoyanova

The Digital Zibaldone is a project dedicated to remediating the intellectual notebook (Zibaldone of Thoughts) of the 19th century Italian author Giacomo Leopardi as a digital editing environment. The project’s aim is twofold: 1) to build a research platform for a semantic digital edition of Leopardi’s collection of research fragments; 2) to address the challenges of discourse organization of the fragment genre through methods for digital representation and analysis.